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Higher Education provides a wide range of services  included in our Compliance Audit Institutional Contracts. 
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Management Contract Institutional Assistance in Areas of Compliance
Education Division
  1. Formalization of policy and procedure manuals.
  2. Recruitment of  academic employees.
  3. Recruitment of appropriate programmatic advisory boards.
  4. Audit of existing programs for marketability and compliance. Include clinical hours and placement programs. Evaluate and implement licensure and certification requirements.
  5. Systematic on-going training, supervision and evaluation metrics for Instructors.
  6. Evaluation of educational delivery system to include regulatory requirements and documentation of instructional hours.
  7. Audit required paperwork for student files. Establish appropriate protocol for the storage and access of student files.
  8. Academic counseling to include student remedial plans including Drops/LOA’s, Re-starts, and ATB (academic counseling procedure).
  9. Visit clinical sites to ensure policies and procedures are followed for positive student outcomes(where applicable).Negotiation satisfaction.
10. Implementation of appropriate  student retention plans.
11. Evaluate work-based program outcome effectiveness.
Accreditation and Compliance Division
1. National, Regional, Programmatic /Institutional Accreditation, and State Licensure Evaluation Readiness and Preparation.
2. Ensure campus is compliant with the policies of the Higher Education Authorization Act.
3. Ensure required continued monitoring of progress and compliance with State and Accrediting Authorization bodies.
4. Establish relevant compliance/risk committee(s) as necessary.
5. Enforcement of standards through well-publicized guidelines.
6. Conduct periodic risk assessments and response plans, as well as internal  monitoring and  review procedures.
7.  FERPA regulations and procedure.
8. Provide support in the implementation of new programs (gainful employment).
 9. Branch campus approval application requirements.
10. Assist with year end reports to oversight agencies and Accreditation Placement metrics.
11. Oversight of all necessary records for program professional accreditations. 
12. ADA requirements and training
Admissions, Marketing and Recruitment Division
  1. Formalization of Policy and Procedures for student recruitment, enrollment, student orientation and class start in accordance with accreditation and compliance guidelines.  Ensure that the student has been provided the right expectation for their educational track.
  2. On-going training for existing Admissions advisors, including   compliance requirements for interviewing prospective students.
  3. Accountability for the enrollment student budget and marketing recruitment leads.
  4. International Enrollment.  Application for instutional participation in overseas student recruitment. Visa eligibility, enrollment, retrieval, attendance, change in immigration status and SEVIS reporting.
Financial Aid Division
  1. Oversight of the Financial Aid Department as it relates to entrance, exit and loan disbursement interviews.
  2. Ensure loan disbursements and student refunds are timely.
  3. Academic probation and satisfactory progress pull-downs are orderly.
  4. Proper documentation is utilized for special conditions, verifications and selective service issues.
  5. Proper procedure and documentations are in place for ATB student loan counseling.
  6. Oversight of Default Management plan and student counseling procedure is enforced. Monitor adherence to 90/10 guidelines.
  7. Application assistance for Financial Aid including steps for Federal Regulations and Title IV funding.
  8. Assist with private Financing Student Aid and recievables.
  9. Assist with FISAP and IPEDS regulations and refund calculations.
  10. Assist with Gainful Employment Regulations Net Calculations.
  11. Assist with accreditation process and course compliance to Federal  and Placement Regulations.
  12. Application for Veterans Administration approval.
  13. Application for WIA/TRA funding assistance.
  14. Evaluate Default Management Program outcome effectiveness
Training and Employment Division
  1. Assist with training and hiring appropriate school staff for Operations, Academics, Admissions, Placement and Financial Aid.
  2. On-going oversight and support for overall regulatory compliance.
Career Services Division
  1. Ensure proper documentation is in place and used to chart student placement attempts. Document outcomes with 30, 60, 90 day follow up metrics.
  2. Assist in the calculation of placement metrics to meet accreditation standards.
  3. Ensure placement staff visit/market to new businesses and potential placement sites weekly.
  4. Evaluate Placement Tracking system and outcome effectiveness.
Legal Services Division
  1. Lawsuit Protection
  2. Assist with the development of the Corporate and Organizational Structure.
  3. Assist with the formation of legal entities such as S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Non-Profit Entities, Limited Liability Partnerships;
  4. Assist with Durable Power of Attorney, Wills and Trusts (Business and Personal)