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 Areas of Audit for Operations/Policy/Procedure Gainful Employment  and Accreditation Standards.
Institutional Marketing Plan (IMP) (5 year)
Institutional Mission & Vision
Recruitment of students
Advertising tools and guidelines
Website, compliance
Branding and marketplace
Mission Statement compliance                                     
Institutional Admissions Plan (IAP) (5 year)
Inquiry/File Compliance
ATB/High School/GED Admissions procedure
Admissions Interview compliance
Enrollment agreement compliance
Student orientation
Student Handbook
Faculty/Staff Handbook
Percentage LDA
Student Orientation
Institutional Educational and Programmatic Plan (IEP) (5 year)
Instructor credentialing
Course descriptions
Daily lesson plans
Clock/Semester conversions
Attendance records/LOA/Drops
Lab/Instructional hour (applicable)
Tracking homework hours (applicable)
Course adherence to Title IV funding
Educational delivery system outcomes
Retention student action plan
Academic Counseling/Remedial/File Compliance
Career Services
Institutional Student placement plan
Waivers/ VOE
30, 60, 90 day employment retention
Career advisement and preparation
Placement Tracking system effectiveness outcomes
Externship contracts
Externship Student Policy
Insurance and Safety/Emergency contact Procedure
Work-based program effectiveness outcomes
Financial Operations
Institutional Financial Plan (IFP) (5 year)
Collection of Student Revenue
Financials (GAAP) principles and DOE ratios
Financial Aid Title IV requirements                               
Third party Financial Aid Servicers/Default Management Plan
Student Services
Student Advisement
Complaint Log/Procedure
Retention management
Student file compliance procedure
Student resources
Overall Institutional Operations
Institutional Operational Plan (5 year) (IOP)
Organizational Operational Oversight
Administrative Capability
Facility (Physical and Learning conductivity)
Personnel Files/Human Resources
Sample Schedule of Initial On site 2 day Evaluation
Day 1
 Overall Institutional Operations
 Admissions and Marketing
 Department Chair Meeting              
 Financial Operation
 Preliminary Overview
Day 2
Career Services, Placement, Externship
Criterion/Standards/ Requirements/National/
Programmatic/Regional( applicable)
Exit interview/Accreditation readiness
Assistance future operations
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